Out Of Their League

This one was a clean slate. I’d finished the first book with an option to continue the story but no particular clues as to what would happen, so it was up to me.

It’s a cliche perhaps but the characters do begin to write their own stories. That makes it sound easy but it isn’t really. I’m the one who has to keep an eye on them and make sure they don’t do something out of character that would make readers say, ‘Huh? She would never do that’, while still keeping it interesting enough for them to enjoy.

I wanted to get them off the cruise ship and see where the adventure would go and what might happen. I brought in new characters, kept some original ones of course, and let some go 😉

This one was written after Covid so I was back at work full time and it took me longer than I would’ve liked to finish. I’d also decided to go to Vegas later in the year for the 20books conference for independent authors. More on that in another post.